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Oliver Guy Johnson--Part Seven

Letter From Mae Jensen

January 10, 1970


Dear Sister Johnson,

We were so sorry that we were unable to see you at the Mortuary, but we were in Salt Lake that Sunday. The service Monday was certainly a beautiful tribute to a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and neighbor.

Of course we shall always remember you folks, because it was your property that we built our home on.  You have always been such good neighbors. One particular trait Bro Johnson had I really liked and that was from the first time we moved into the Ward, he always addressed me with a genuine handshake a broad smile and called me by my first name “Mae.”

I have admired the closeness and love your children have had for both of you.  The great concern they expressed publically when Bro. Johnson was ill. Not only your own sons and daughter, but the love that Jessie Lou and Gloria has expressed for you has been a real inspiration to me.  I would like nothing better than to have the love and acclaim throughout my life of my in-laws that I have seen displayed among all of you.  That is true love.

I was much impressed at our Christmas party watching Brent helping you on with your coat.  Little things, but it is the little things that really make life worth living.  I have also watched your grandchildren snuggle up close to you and Bro. Johnson in church, and their look of love and confidence they would give you, and you in return, your little squeeze on the knee, or act of affection to them.  (I’ve seen a lot of human drama sitting on the stand these many years), and I’ve seen tears of joy in your eyes as your grandchildren pre­formed--I’m thinking particularly of the night J.D. gave that talk.  Such a lot of respect and love he paid all of you.

Brother Johnson has surely given these sons and grandsons a “good name” to carry on--and they will.  I have certainly admired Nyman’s devotion and respect to both of you.

Whenever I hear the song “Oh My Papa,” I shall always think of the Johnsons. Never have I heard it sung so meaningful as the day of the funeral.  It seems it was just composed and sung for that very special occasion.

Sister Johnson, please accept our heartfelt sympathy.  We shall all miss your dear husband, but we also want you to know just how much both of you have contributed happiness in our lives, but setting such a good example of an L.D.S. family and being such good neighbors.

Sincerely, Mae Jensen

Next Installment: "Oh! My Papa"

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