Friday, March 15, 2013

Oliver Guy Johnson--Part Five

Nyman Johnson’s Post Script

In 1969, when Jeanie and Carl were home in the summer, Dad had ask them about coming home for Christmas this year. Their children had never been in Logan at Christmas time. He wanted to have the whole family at home this Christmas time, and they did come. A wonderful time we all had too. Right from the time they started to arrive, first Jeanie and her family came from San Bernardino, then Carl and his family came from Seattle, and with them came J.D. who was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington.

We were all very busy all day of Christmas Eve, getting all the things done for the party that night. We had ham to bake and slice, rolle-poulse to slice, cream puffs to bake and fill, potato salad, cabbage and shrimp salad to fix, and oyster soup to make. All too soon it was 6:30 and time for the party to start and here came all the family home for it, all thirty-seven of them, to Grandpa and Grandma Johnsons for Christmas. My were the little ones excited. We did have fun and Grandpa most of all. He had all his family at home. After we were full and had more than we could eat, we had a short program from the grandchildren. Then who should knock at the door but Santa Claus himself. He came in and visited with each one and had a small gift for the children. When things had quieted down a bit from his visit, we opened all the gifts that were under the big tree in the corner. This was the time when all the Grandchildren got excited and it was no exception this year. Soon it was time to get the children home to their beds so Santa could come.

Christmas morning bright and early we were all at it again. Grandma and Grandpa made all the rounds of the different houses to see what Santa had left. Sure enough he had been to each home. We had dinner again at Grandpa and Grandma Johnsons. The Johnsons were known for eating parties.

On Friday, the 26th of December, we took all the kids up to the sinks in Logan Canyon to play in the snow. It was cold and the wind was blowing but they all played in the snow, young and old. They used plastic, inner tubes, and all such things to slide down the hills. My they had fun. It was the first time in the snow for some of them. After we got home and changed clothes and warmed up, we all went to Reed and Gloria’s for a chili supper. It was good. We went down stairs to the family room and had a sing along and then showed slides of the family from the time the grandchildren were small. About 10:00 p.m. it was time to go home. Grandpa left us and walked upstairs by himself. No more than five minutes later, one of the youngsters called that something was wrong with Grandpa. By the time we got upstairs to him, he was at peace with the world and with his God.

He had his family all home for his last Christmas and he enjoyed it so much, right up to the very end. He must of had this all planned and it worked out as he wanted it to.

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